Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting people to keep your cards

Getting People to Keep Your Cards

No matter how you design your card make sure that they effectively provide the information that the customers need to know.

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For an entrepreneur a business is more than a piece of paper. It represents their image and years of effort, hard work and dreams. But for other people they are just another advertisement, another piece of clutter to file. To them, your business card may be nothing more important than any other business card that crosses their desk at any given time. So, as a business man how can you make your card attract attention, gets kept and actually used?

Often, it pays to think of the reason why people keep business cards in the first place. Understanding this concept can affect the design and effectiveness of your card. There are some reasons why people even keep business cards. For one, they use them as link to a supplier or resource. Lets say you are in the construction business and you meet someone who sells hard to find equipments. You will probably keep their business card to contact them whenever you need equipments. Second, you may keep them as a contact to a colleague. Perhaps from time to time you need


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